Why use Spend it Forward?

Why use Spend it Forward?

People are changing the way that they spend. Did you know that “shop local” is one of the most frequently searched phrases on the internet? People want to find better ways to buy locally when shopping online. Because buying local products is the best way to support our communities and sustain the planet globally. Spend it Forward’s online marketplace makes it easy to connect with local shops, artists, and designers to find uniquely individual handmade gifts and services.

Why buy local?

Spending your money locally helps small business owners, it provides regional jobs, and it’s eco-friendly.  Over 90% of all businesses are small or family-owned, and most people are employed by small and local family-owned businesses. These enterprises are the lifeblood of Europe’s economy, totaling 99% of all businesses in the EU and employing around 100 million people. Local economies are essential in America too. And with a lower carbon footprint on both transport and manufacturing, buying from local vendors is not just good for human beings, it’s also good for the planet. 

How has the pandemic changed shopping?

Most of the worlds’ small businesses have been affected by the pandemic. The stock market, big corporations like Walmart, and home delivery mammoths like Amazon have boomed. Online sales have spiked. Unfortunately, these sales don’t necessarily trickle down into local communities. Plus, all this large scale export and import will have a negative impact on the earth’s climate.

While big corporations have seen a 150% gain or more, small businesses, on the other hand, have seen a 70% loss in revenue. In the same way that Walmart and Amazon have devoured smalltown America, the pandemic is proving to be a blight on small companies.

Keeping Berlin cool.

Berlin is known for its eclectic mix of neighborhoods with local businesses that create amazing events, art exhibitions, great places to work, and, of course, one-of-a-kind local products. Like everywhere else, people are currently struggling with work opportunities and in keeping businesses afloat. The pandemic has made it clear that we need to revive our local spending. As we’re stuck at home, we rely on Berlin’s businesses to feed and clothe us. With longer waits for big corporate deliveries, local companies can be the more convenient option.

What are the long term effects of Spend It Forward? 

Many people say that if only they could choose where their taxes are spent, and had the power to control where their money goes, they would feed and house the homeless or contribute to a universal basic income. Our vision with Spend it Forward is to give people that power and opportunity to support the things, places, or actions that mean the most to them and their communities.

A call to community action. Here’s our idea:

Let’s not alienate big companies—we need their support! What the pandemic has shown us is that during emergencies, big corporations working with local communities can act much faster than waiting for aid from the government. Long before governmental assistance can be voted on, large corporations are the first to send in financial support, goods, and services. We want to drive that support in a more concentrated channel and encourage local growth through gift cards and fund-matching for beneficiaries.

Our online marketplace lets us reach out to small businesses, big companies, and local citizens to change the way we shop. By coming together, we can encourage big corporations to manufacture more regionally. Collectively, we can be part of the environmental difference our world needs and keep Berlin cool.

Spend it Forward gives artists, designers, and small businesses, a big voice in global sustainability. 

Shop Good. Do Good. Feel Good.'