In this section, we focus on the local literary community and authors who are either from, have lived, or are currently residing in Berlin.

Like moths to a flame, Berlin transforms all who come here. For decades this city has inspired, shocked, and challenged the lives of the artists who are drawn to its grey, chilling winters and vibrant subculture, and underground nightlife. Berlin is a mixed bag and patchwork of beautiful greenery and open spaces that are well worn scars of a history that was.

Since the 1920's writers like Alfred Döblin's (German, 1929) Berlin Alexanderplatz and Christopher Isherwood's (English,1939) Goodbye to Berlin chronicled the city during its liberal Weimar era  its delirious slide into fascism. 

We have gathered here a list of notable writers and books that are noteworthy to the literary history of Berlin's rise and fall, reinvention, tension within itself, and its rise from the ashes from a city divided.

    • The Gift by Vladimir Nabokov (Russian, 1938) - Russian émigré metafiction highlighting Berlin’s émigré  population and the bustling intellectual circles of the 1920s
    • Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada (German, 1947) - a novel of resistance in Berlin under the Nazis
    • The Wall Jumper by Peter Schneider (German, 1980) - A story of divided Berlin in the early 1980s
    • The Innocent by Ian McEwan (English, 1990) - Cold War Era Novel
    • Midsummer Night by Uwe Timm (German, 1998) - Depicts Post Reunification Berlin
    • Stasiland: Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall by Anna Funder (Australian, 2002) - The title speaks for itself
    • Slumberland by Paul Beatty (American, 2008) - An African American perspective of post Wall Berlin
    • Book of Clouds by Chloe Aridjis, Mexican (2009) - a beautiful memoir of post Wall Berlin

These books are simply a guide, a taste of what has informed this section. We are looking to inspire our visitors to read, to feed the souls of the those who imagine and tell stories through written word by buying their books.

Our first author in this section, Günther Primig, has been featured with his first book, The Dark Book of Gwenna Luna (2020). The book is a collection of short stories that Gwenna Luna, the books namesake, right from the opening in the story sucks you in and takes you for a suspenseful ride. It is our fear of the occult, our deep seeded superstitions of the mystic that keeps you turning the pages of this book.

Like Berlin, Gwenna Luna comes to us a youthful but damage creature. She is mythic and mysterious. She is a delicate but powerful girl, a broken toy.

Berlin is the land where writers, thinkers and artists come to set themselves free. With its permissiveness, freedom and acceptance, it is mythic land where the broken toys play with no judgement and one-winged unicorns take flight in rainbow clouds with abandonment.

I hope you enjoy our growing library.

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