Pretty Deadly Self Defense Course - Level 2

Pretty Deadly Self Defense Course - Level 2

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Location: Die Fabrik Hotel
Special No-Overhead Price: €115

You can book directly HERE

Enter code SPFRD when you book to receive our special partner rate

  • Classes limited to 10 people
  • Negative test mandatory
  • Masks mandatory

2 hours per week / 5 weeks. 

Dates: from 11/06/2021 to 09/07/2021 , for more info and bookings please refer to this link

Teacher: Liliana


You already know the story, now learn the moves This course builds on the foundation moves you learned in Level 1, and applies them to social scenarios: a night out, in the subway, on the street.

This course is tailored for the dangers of daily life in public environments: on the subway, on the street, in the nightclub. Techniques are applied as one-to-one defense, focusing on awareness, prevention and application. Must complete Level I to register.

Level 2 focuses on:
+situational awareness
+the social price of self defense
+reducing the risk of retaliation/punishment
+what to do when confronted with a group

Please note that in order to train safely, the following is mandatory:
  1. Regulation masks must be worn for the duration of each class 
  2. Weekly negative rapid test result, taken any time in the 24 hours before that week's class (can be at-home test or from a test center)
  3. Please use the Pretty Deadly Mobile App to submit a COVID-safe confirmation form at the start of every class. You can find the form under the LIVE TRAINING section on the app's home page. 
If any participant tests positive for COVID between classes, you agree to notify us so we may notify the rest of the class. Your data will be held on our local servers for 28 days after your final class, and then purged.